Saturday, April 7, 2012

holy, wholly Saturday....

In my current setting, we do not observe Holy Saturday.
But it still has a bit of a shroud over it, you know?

In fact, this space between Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday, for me, is the most wistful.   It feels like how you feel when someone you love has either died, or moved away or moved on, and there is this hole in your life, a missing presence that gapes in its emptiness and permanence.

That's what today feels like.  I am thinking about Mary Magdalene, having been at the cross, perhaps been close by when Jesus was laid in the tomb, and the stone rolled shut, and he is just gone.
No more long conversations over dinner,
No more wondering what would come next with him,
No more anything.  

So final--and you don't really know what to do with yourself.   You want to tell someone how your feel, but that Someone is gone.

So, I sit, I wait,
with this huge hole in my heart on this Holy Saturday...
and I suppose this is what the
journey to wholeness
is all about.


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