Monday, April 30, 2012

What I have been up to....

Can't believe I haven't checked in since Easter...
but Easter was really good.

As most of you,
the aftermath has been sorta crazy busy, but in good ways.

I had a mission trip with my confirmands to DC, led by the Quaker organization, Youth With a Mission, which was so, so, so, good.  It was transformative for my kids, and they really did make a difference.

Upon return, it was preparation for Confirmation Sunday, which was this past Sunday.  it was fantastic, and I have to say my sweeties had so much to say in their personal statements that moved us all. I am at the age, now, when I work with these kids, that I feel so...invested in THEM.  I feel motherly-pastoral-y.  I hope that is o.k.

Many things unbloggable right now....which is pretty much everything always with me...I fear  my heart is going to be broken...but then, that is silly, right.  Whatever happens, my heart has been full, so full, and so blessed....and the fear of the unknown is the fear of being dissappointed greatly.

In any case,
that is what is going on.

Goodnews....I get to hang out with some long distance friends tomorrow.



  1. Hey Karla, I hope your heart does not get broken...but if it does, well, in time it will be mended, and mended so very well. I know that reality won't help one bit with any pain or sorrow, 'cuz we gotta feel our feelings....except maybe it will give it all a bed of love to rest in, and a little peace to sustain you in the midst of grief. But really I ain't so, friend - having been there myself.

  2. Love you, dear friend. Praying for you daily.