Tuesday, January 19, 2010


While I was walking Fenway today along the Mystic River, my thoughts traveled around lazily...I would try to meditate, and then I started thinking about yesterday or what would happen later today...and then I would focus back on breathing, and then I would stop...and just stare at the snow coming down.

The snow today is perfect. Quietly falling from the sky...collecting, and then melting with just a swoosh of a mitten...

I thought about the hour I just spent from 7-8 am today...I just sort watched news, played with doggies, talked to the contractor, not doing anything with real intention or focus...just sort of being but not fully aware. Or maybe that is awareness.

I also laughed at myself as we trudged through the snow to get to the voting place...I thought to myself, if I were animal, I think I would be a sloth. They stay in bed (in the tree) all the time, and just come down to go to the bathroom. I think they eat up there, in those trees, too.
I could live life from my bed...I am perfectly content to laze around all day...stare at snow, watch birds, watch Ellen, read a little, scritch doggies and cats.

Anyway, what I was going to write about was chicken. I roasted a chicken yesterday for the dogs' food. I will have to write more about it later. So, chicken later, sloth now--or at least until I pull on those sneakers to do a little elliptical exercizing.


  1. Thinking about all of you, as you vote today. It is a critical election. Thinking about the snow too...how lovely, enjoy!

  2. i love sloths! they have moss and slimy stuff grow on them because they move so little! at the topeka zoo they have a few sloths and they are almost always difficult to find but it's so exciting when you do!

    sounds like a good morning to me.

  3. I like those hours you describe, feel like they are few and far between these days.