Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Live Bright

The following blog post is totally lifted from my friend Jess' blog. You can go to her blog:
Click here or read it below. However, her post has an adorable picture of her daughter, living bright!

You are the light of the world
--Jess Wilson
But if that light is under a bushel, then it’s lost somethin’ kind of crucial

You’ve got to stay bright to be the light of the world

So let your light so shine before men

Let your light so shine

~ Light of the World, from Godspell


Godspell is playing on the television in our den – again. Kendall bounces past me – making her rounds of the room while watching the show.

“Mama, how do I be the light of the world?” she asks.

“What’s that honey?”

“How do I be the light of the world?”

I’m not sure what she’s asking me. I know it’s from the song that’s playing as we speak, but I can’t focus on the lyrics and I don’t remember the next line. Of course there’s no point in trying to guess when she’s looking for a specific answer to a question.

“I don’t know, Kenz. How do you be the light of the world?” I ask - mangling the English language.

She smiles as she answers, “I live bright.”

Script or no, the line gets me.

This child SHINES from within. She vibrates with energy. When she smiles, a river of warmth flows into the room.

As she watches TV, I watch her. I can’t take my eyes off of her, but I have to once in a while so my heart won’t explode. I swear sometimes it’s like staring straight into the sun.

When she’s here – when she’s really here – her eyes are ablaze with light. You can even see it in photos. Her eyes glow.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s the reflection of the flash. Either way, my child is proof positive for me of God’s existence.

I fold her into my arms on the next pass.

“Oh honey, child,” I say. ”You sure do.”

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  1. thanks so much for sharing, love.

    may we all follow her example :)