Monday, January 11, 2010

oneeleventwentyten. monday.

A home day for me. Am waiting for the appliance repair person to arrive to fix the washing machine, and waiting for the computer repair guy to call to schedule a tune-up and fix-up, am listening to the plumber upstairs pounding and squeaking away to get all the pipes up to grade and to code so we can re-commence with the remodeling joy. He's a good guy, the plumber. If we ever need one again (hah!) I would totally call him.

So, the doggies have been walked, the kitchen cleaned, mopped, scrubbed...I've run a couple of errands and now will run across the street to finish a load of laundry, play with Penny the foster dog....

And..then, exercise, then do some pottery and read and just chill.

Nothing exciting. I will say I am little down today--maybe it is just winter blues. I am glad the sun is shining, in spite of the cold.

So, a blanket of presence and warmth around me today. Help me live with intention and love into the gift of this day. Help me honor what is in my heart, but help me to also not give in to the low mood in a way that blocks me...but help me to be gentle with myself, aware, and kind.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.

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  1. hope this blue time passes and is replaced by peace and hope.