Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, I had planned twenty minutes ago to run out and get a coffee before confirmation class.
Before I left, I wanted to look up a couple of things on the web, and as the web as  a knack for doing, I started going down some rabbit holes....

You see, I think Google is a kind of goddess.  I look something up, say, a website.  When I find the website, then I look around for what I am looking for...and then a question forms in my head, and I can't find the answer on the website, so I just google my question, and VOILA!   I find the answer--or at least what I am looking for.  I love that I can type a question in, and find several options for the information I am looking for, or wondering about.  

I am not picky with my searches, either.  They range from where can I buy true vegan cheese to whether a church is gay friendly or if a certain person I think exists really does...I look for yarn and beads and seeds and the best deal on pottery tools.    I look for free patterns, for jobs, for dankso shoe outlets and t-shirts.  I ask questions about spiritual formation and children and look up my friend's ministries and more. 

And before I know it, I have paid so much homage to the Google Goddess, that it is now too late to worship the coffee gods.   

Jus' sayin.

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  1. I too have been on the Google Goddess Gateway.