Thursday, April 14, 2011

full head!

Do you ever have those weeks--well, of course you do.
Literally, from Friday to about Tuesday around 5:00 I was so discombulated FOR. NO. APPARENT. REASON.  I totally blew writing my prayer for prayerpals, I forgot an important appointment on Tuesday at noon, I messed up submitting a contribution to a blog that I only need to remember once in awhile.

On Sunday, we had the reception of new members--and my colleague sent me the outline to place in the bulletin.  I felt there was something missing, but the service bulletin was so packed, I guess I thought I was simplifying things.  Turns out, before worship, that I had left three elements out, because of the way the outline opened on my computer earlier that week.   We didn't lose anything, and it wasn't a big deal, but
I am usually pretty good with details--although I am no where near OCD.   So feel bad.  And I am sorry to have let others down.  I hate that.  I hate that it all looks irresponsible. Or at least, not together.

I have snapped somewhat out of it--I've had some breathing room today, and am crossing t-s and dotting i's .

What else.  Holy Week is upon us.   For most, this is a hectic time.   We have all our bulletins finished for the services next week.   I am not preaching  NOT once in the four services we will have in the next seven days.  I haven't been a participant in planning them, except to proof the bulletins. (no, really, o.k., yes, I do have mixed feelings about this....)  I am really not used to the idea of using the same outlines every year, but I guess that's tradition.   Sometimes I like to bust out of the routine, you know?    Enough of this line of thought, for now.

Well, it's an absolutely gorgeous day, and I have to go the office supply store.  Luckily, it is next to thinking to swing by TJ's too, and get some groceries before my next meeting. 


  1. ick. I hate it when I have days/weeks like you have had....and - uhm - no sharing of Holy Week services? that would definitely make me feel out of sorts and sad....I hope the good weather and a starbucks helped

  2. Karla hope a sense of rhythm has returned. Those days/weeks are so difficult.

    Thanks for the affirming comments on my meditation on the Women at the Cross. I think it went was certainly not what any of the male pastors in this community would of preached.

  3. I'm so many days behind. Appalled that you are being left on the sidelines this week. How does that serve anyone well?