Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's sort of scaring me, but I have about three hours of unstructured time this afternoon.   I am not sure how THAT happened.    Certainly, I have a lot to do--but it may be that I actually might do some filing this afternoon.  Sorting.  

Change is afoot.  My colleague is ending a sixteen year long ministry, and the weeks are counting down.  He is busy passing on information, things he has done, historical things, etc.   He is also enmeshed in so many details--he is a detail person extraordinaire.  I appreciate him reminding me of some future things--because it is for his comfort.  I already am on the ball with the future things.  I gently tell him that, and try to keep it all in context.  

In any case.  I am glad for a little respite of time--last week I was out every night.   

Wish I could meet some of you for coffee this afternoon!!


  1. How about lunch on Monday instead?

  2. Dang - I do wish I were close enough to have coffee and or lunch with (both of) you.