Tuesday, May 10, 2011

just a tuesday morning....

so I am SKIPPING a meeting this morning--"Day of Covenant"  where our conference minister meets with clergy of the association.  I have been to three FOUR of these--and they are typically the same.   He has a little ice breaker, then we sit in a circle and he writes down what we all want to talk about, and then he talks.   Then we have communion, and lunch.

Since I have two conference/association events on Saturday and Sunday, I think my time is better spent this morning getting caught up on Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwartzenegger's NEWS ,  Chaz Bono's interview on GMA, and thinking about Whitney going back to treatment.  (Hope she is o.k.)

I also want to get downstairs and in my studio for a couple of hours, and then off to the office after lunch.

I think Chaz Bono is amazing.  Good for him....and for all he is doing for people who are transgender.  

Hmmm, time for another cup of coffee.


  1. studio time....awesome! enjoy your morning and may this day be a special blessing to you. love you chica!

  2. I saw the Oprah interview with Chaz and his long time girl friend. He spoke so eloquently of his transition and of his mother, and of her struggles - really clear that he has done significant good interior work to be so grounded in his sense of self. And his girlfriend - who thought she was in a relationship with a woman, who knows herself to be a lesbian, and then finds that the woman she loves and is committed to wants to and now has become a man - she had some very interesting reflection on what it's been like for her - how she still loves Chaz but she misses the parts of Chaz that were a woman....and sometimes struggles with who he has become via testosterone...anyway, it was an interesting interview to watch and think about.

    The news about Maria and Arnold...sigh, I keep thinking about her parents who are probably saying, "I told you so..." (Which if my memory is correct they weren't fond of the marriage in the first place)...

    and, I missed the Whitney news, but sure I will hear it on the news tonight.

    love to you, thinking of you....and hoping there is some clarity for your future?

  3. Sometimes skipping things brings you closer to the church! ;) I hope your studio time is productive spiritually, emotionally and materially.