Thursday, May 12, 2011

a first love, a little tear....

Some days I just ADORE what I get to do for a living.  

I took an elder from the congregation to an appointment today.    She has the most interesting story--she was born in Eastern Europe, and during WW 2, she was part of a youth resistance/revolutionary movement against the Nazis and much so that she had to escape her country.   She is writing a book about it--I will let you know when it is available. 

What was sweet is that we were talking, and she was telling me a little about the rest of her story, and she mentioned that she fell in love before she left Europe for the U.S.   She said that he didn't want to emigrate, and a pause.

I leaned over and asked her, "Was he your first love?"  
And a tear rolled down her cheek as she nodded. 
"To this day, every day," she said, "I still think about him, even though it is o.k."

Sigh.  Precious, precious lives we intersect with, no?


  1. Fascinating. I do love to just listen when an older person talks--they have lovely stories. And sometimes a broader perspective than one might think...

  2. really sweet....and yes, awesome, the lives we are blessed to intersect with.