Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I've been spending a lot of time lately with a gorgeous big furry boy pit bull mix, who is in temporary foster care until we can find a forever home for him, or a more permanent foster situation.  

His original name was Jacoby.   Then he was renamed Tristan--a noble name, yes, but doesn't really fit him.   He is the most submissive dog in the universe--he laid down on his back to a lhasa aphsa dog in the park.  Really.   For awhile I have called him Dino.  He is huge.  

He is grey all over, with a little white.  Such a soft luxurious grey.   He is a close sitter.  Right now, he is curled up on my desk chair behind me.  I am hanging off the end to accommodate.  Silly, right? If I move to the chair next mine, he will move there.  He likes to snuggle.  

He smells like fritos and peanut butter, and a faint whiff of cat spray (lots of cats in his foster home--NOT my house however).   He wants to be friends, but they don't like him.  He has the scratches on his nose to prove the kitties' disapproval.  

Oh his nose.  It also is beautiful--sort of a purply grey.   And soft.  and wet.  and cool. 

He snores.  Like right now.  

In the car, he rests his great head on my shoulder.  

I call him Bubba.  At least today. 

I love him.  He makes me laugh.

Praying for some human to come along and fall in love with him too. 
Pray with me, please?


  1. My pit-bull mix, Emmy, snores too. She is riot! And, exceedingly sweet. And, also, sadly appears to have been abused before we got her, timid in that sad way. But she is learning to trust and be less fearful, and to come when we call....

    So, I can just imagine how Bubba makes you laugh.

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