Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Five: FiveFreeGifts

Over at RevGals, Sally writes:  "Following on from Thanksgiving, and picking up the "Black Friday" theme of boycotting the Christmas rush for bargains I thought it would be good to set a simple Friday Five yet one to get you thinking. I am sure that you'll agree that some of the best gifts we receive do not come in fancy wrapping paper but might be the gift of an unexpected afternoon with a friend or coming across a long forgotten photograph, or- well the list is endless...

So take a bit of time to think back over the last year and ponder the gifts it has offered to you, then list five of those gifts, in no particular order- there is only one rule- all of these gifts must have been free, neither you nor anyone else should have spent money on them"

So here is my play.  If I could figure out how to place photos in my post which seems to be impossible, this would be so much more interesting.   

1.  Watching the sunset from my lanai on the Big Island of Hawaii for 6 nights in a row. 
2.  Swimming with wild dolphins on the Big Island
3.  The momma and litter of kittens we fostered this fall.  They were so much work, and yet so much fun. 
4.  Deepening friendships that will last a lifetime (you all know who you are!)
5.  Middle-aging which has offered me the ability to to settle into my bones and self in a gentler, more loving way. 


  1. Watching kittens romp and play...makes me smile just thinking about it. The wisdom in your last gift is wonderful.

  2. oh wow what a great list- love the sunsets and dolphins!

  3. Bless you for seeing middle age as a gift, I'm still working on that.

  4. I have not yet been to Hawai'i, that sounds lovely. I too love middle age, so far anyway.

  5. I hope that I too get that settling feeling someday, so neat to see Hawaii!