Tuesday, November 22, 2011

just some random thoughts, cause it's Tuesday morning.....

It's Thanksgiving Week,
which means that the bulletin is already printed for Sunday,
and my colleague is away for the week,
and my other colleague will not be in the office after today,
and my beloved is on staycation all week,
which means that things are a little relaxed right now.

I am not on vacation or leave or anything,
but I am taking advantage of the down time to do what pastors don't get to do at leisure,
which is write and read and wonder....
drink coffee in the morning in pajamas, and
wander over to my office later this morning.  

I will get to deliver Meals on Wheels on Thursday.
I will take Bubba to work with me.
(he really still has the stinky butt, though, so I think that is a sacrifice on my part.)
I will make some pastoral visits.
I will go to the Apple Store, and have a lesson on how to use this Mac computer.
(I can't remember a thing from the last time).

I will ponder Big Things,
like my call, and my options,
and will ask God to please let me know what is next.
I really, really want to settle in and down.
This feeling in my stomach makes me sad, a little, this unsettled thing.

I will Pray for My Loved Ones.
For my family,
for my adopted family,
for my sister friends...
and my brothers....
I will pray for them....because many of them are going through so much pain and disease and Big Life Stuff.

I will rest in my God,
and I will know that the heart of Jesus
is with me.

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