Tuesday, November 1, 2011

wow, my rhythm is....

...so busy these days, that my blogging has been been on the down low.
or non-existent.  

sigh. not the way I want to live!  

my work is busy--ministry is good.   I am incredibly fortunate to be working with a senior interim that is very collegial, and whose presence I enjoy.   I'm gaining a few tools for my toolbox, which is always good.    I love my congo so much....
and it is a possibility for me to apply for that position.
don't know if I can wait around that long, frankly...
so my heart stays open,
and I just pray for wisdom and discernment.

my dear, dear friend and animal sitter has found out her cancer has returned, and it is inoperable.   I hate this.  I am going with her today for her "teaching appointment"--what to expect when she starts chemotherapy.   please send her love and light....she is a special person.  you would love her, I know.

on the furry family front.
they just all crack me up, and make me laugh.   we have kept the momma kitty of the momma/kitten rescue of late August.   unless we find a really good home--she is a love bug.   the last two kittens went to their furrrever home last weekend....and so now momma is free to roam the house.  she has wrought terror in everyone--not skeered of a thing.   this has produced a few more passive aggressive pee puddles  around the house--hopefully this will fade away, sooner than later.  

ummkay.   I am watching Rocco the chef sing the zero calorie praises of that shiratake (sp?) noodle stuff.
it's made from soy or something weird--that stuff does NOT REPLACE spaghetti, people.   It's gross.   It stinks.  it smells like dirty feet, really.   but go ahead and eat it Rocco.  I am going to do 20 more minutes on the treadmill instead.   jus' saying.

that's enough randomness, bad capitalization and terrible grammar for now.

happy day to you.

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