Friday, November 25, 2011

so this dream I had last night....

This is my last night's dream:

I started a part-time temporary job steps away from the T-stop in Davis square (that looked nothing like Davis Square, I might add.)

I was wandering around gathering information, names, phone numbers, and apparently this was quite helpful.   My therapist  had her office on the second floor, mine was on the third, although I had to visit the top floor.   The company nurse came in to show me how to take blood pressures, and I said, I would be happy to learn, but I need to go and introduce myself to Heidi.  This was the second day of work, and Heidi was the CEO.   I ran down to her office, and she was this elegant, quirky, artsy person who had three women in wheelchairs in her office, who were also quirky and artsy and the first floor was like a beautiful library....

We had a staff meeting, where everyone read bits of poetry for their reports.  Then we all took out our clay and started creating.    Everyone left whenever they were finished...and there was clay art and jewelry and fabrics in the "store" for sale.  Musicians started showing up to play for a 5:00 wine and cheese played the harp amazingly.  

I didn't have anything for the show, but I had a lot of pots to glaze that were pretty stunning.

They offered me a salary package of 80,000 to become permanent.  It wasn't ministry, but I was so happy and relaxed and empowered there.   When I awoke, I was in the process of discerning this possibility.  

The End. 

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  1. wow....considering a call that empowers your most creative sense of self....does that have to mean leaving ministry? gosh, I hope not...on the other hand, I do hope your fullest sense of creative self can be engaged!