Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this past Sunday...

you know, you have those Sundays...
when you think you have a pretty good sermon,
feeling good about it, and then as you are preaching it,
your realize it pretty much sucks?

yep.  had one those this past Sunday. 

which is fine, we all have those, right? 

but you see, I don't preach every week, so I always want to nail it--knowing of course this isn't about me at all--but I want to be faithful to the writing and the preparing and praying and musing--and so I kind of went into a tailspin about it. 

oh, we are so hard on ourselves sometimes....well, at least I can be hard on myself. 




  1. I had one of those sermons this past week as well. Preaching my little heart out and looking out and thinking "nobody cares." Then I got more comments on the sermon than I've gotten in a long time. You just never know. Blessings.

  2. I hear you, Karla....be gentle with yourself....and, who knows it may be that this sermon that you think was so awful was actually just what someone in the pew needed to hear....'cuz God fills in all the spaces we leave open...