Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I just found an hour.

I just found an hour.  Well, I have wasted about half of it, already, but still--you know when you think a meeting is at a certain time, and then you check your calendar and realize it's an hour later.  Sometimes this is good.  

So, I ordered candles for the Advent Taize service. 

I ate some jellybellies.  Yum.

My desk is a wreck, but I didn't straighten it.  

I filled out some receipts. 

I wished I had my new toy, a ukelele, so I could practice Christmas Carols.  No, really, for real.

And now, I think I will simply sit in the rocking chair in my office, and be still for 15 minutes. 
Because I can.

Carry on!

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