Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five, 11.11.11

Songbird asks us to reflect on 5 ways we go over the top, blast the volume to number 11.....Big. FAT. THANK YOU.  to Songbird for creating this FF!!!!

1.  Animals.  Oh dear.   It's a blessing and a curse to live across the street from a foster/rescue organization.
Both my beloved and I get hooked in at the strangest times.   However,  there are times we just need to, for the sake of the kitties (usually) or doggies (once in a while)

2. Books.  Piles of them in my office, my home, and on my Kindle.  Just waiting to be read.  

3. Shoes.  I don't have a ton of them, but shoes make me happy.

4.  Pizza.  This is unfortunate.

5.  hmmm.  I wish I could say yoga or jogging or something, but I can't.  I can't think of a 5th, which tells me I need to branch out a little more.   Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Do one thing everyday that scares you."   I like that.   Maybe I will try it.


  1. Some days it is just the "getting up" which is scary...especially after 7 great days of relaxing study leave.

  2. Loved #5! Isn't that the truth? Good luck with scary stuff!

  3. At a wedding last night (couple had been together 32 years - don't ask why now) and their daughter made an interesting comment in a speech. 'You don't love a perfect person, but you love an imperfect person, perfectly.' Its a tongue twister, but there's something about God in this I think.